Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Mom Syndrome is Alive and Well - Scenario #1

Sure it's frustrating for us creative types to explain what it is we actually do to people who just don't get it. But, I think that some people really, genuinely and sincerely just don't get it.

I remember trying to explain to my dear mom that my brother and I decided to put our business on hold in order to devote a year of our time and efforts to making Shiro's Head. She had the usual questions one would have about the process of moviemaking, including trying to understand how we're going to generate an income by moviemaking. So I went on to explain that since we're setting out to do everything ourselves, we won't have any money to begin with and that if we even get to see any money, it'll be after the movie is complete - if it gets completed at all. The puzzled look on her face turned into the supportive, "mom" expression as if to say, "Whatever makes you happy."; classic Mom Syndrome.