Thursday, March 20, 2008

What's In a Name?

Taking a quick break from posting about my Italy adventures, I have a quick note about the safe choice. I just spent a couple of days in Japan en route to Guam and I was reminded about the effects of a name when dealing with the convenience of familiarity in the subconscious psyche. While checking for a place to lay my head, I automatically went to the nearest "Comfort Inn" (i know, such a western tourist move) searching for a double occupancy twin-size room. The room rates were equivalent to $160.00 USD per night.

After checking with the locally preferred, yet lesser-known "Toyoko Inn" just a few yards further down the street, their rates were equivalent to only $80.00 USD for the same room. The amenities were pretty much the same as the "Comfort Inn" (free airport shuttle, internet, meeting room, private bath, continental-style breakfast, tv and more) and I'm sure to the weary traveler, the beds are just as comfortable. My point? A familiar or "proven" choice may seem like the best choice just by automation, but if you're willing to look past your comfort zone from what you already know, you just might discover something great.