Monday, June 2, 2008

Finding the Vibe

Does anyone remember the very first season of American Idol and how the attraction of the show was based on the shock factor of Simon ripping singers to shreds during auditions and making them cry?

Or how about on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition when the first season focused on getting a house completed in just seven days along with the constant bickering amongst the design team rather than the designs?

Or how about on Scrubs when the first season was more of an early twenty-something angst black comedy show?

Well, fast-forward to today and now Idol Gives Back donating millions in charity while drawing in huge A-list talents like Brad Pitt and Mariah Carey while creating real talents like Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson and others to go on to broadway and television.

Extreme Home Makeover just completed two seasons of their 50 State Tour Across America tour not only rebuilding people's homes, but also the lives of people who deserve it - all while focusing on the life-changing positivity and interactivity of the show and giving people a second chance on life.

Scrubs left the airwaves after perfecting its craft of quick-witted editing, stupid-funny jokes and comedic timing that we all know it for while newer shows like Psych and 30 Rock follow in its footsteps.

Sometimes, for a great idea to work, it just takes time.