Thursday, December 6, 2007

Event Videographer Production Checklist

I found the old production checklist that Don and I would religiously run through during the days of being event videographers. We would use this as a pre-production checklist before every event production. I thought it could be of some help, so here it is (not in any particular order):

Event Videographer’s Production Checklist

1. duplicate and synchronize multi-camera settings
2. charge batteries
3. clean filters and lenses
4. tapes (aprox. 6 per person)
5. clean heads (if necessary)
6. lights w/extra bulb
7. lav mic receivers/transmitters/mics
8. fresh batteries for mics
9. tripods
10. shotgun mics w/windscreens
11. handheld mic
12. mic stand
13. patch cords (XLR/quarter inch/RCA, etc.)
14. hard disk audio recorder/mixer
15. lens cleaner
16. head cleaner
17. LCD monitor hood
18. headphones
19. white balance card (paper/index card/napkin)
20. back-up camera w/light
21. digital camera
22. fully charged two-way communication radios with headsets

23. business cards
24. ID’s
25. fully charged cell phones
26. headsets for cells
27. synchronize watches
28. ca$h for parking garage/misc.
29. change for parking meters
30. fill up gas tank
31. label everything for inventory
32. camera manuals
33. extension cord/multiplug
34. sharpie/pen
35. snacks/water
36. jacket/pullover
37. sunglasses
38. hand sanitizer/wet naps/lip balm/eye drops
39. clothespins (c-47's)
40. gaffer's tape
41. duct tape
42. focus cards
43. itinerary of the day's events