Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Ugly Betty's "Henry Grubstick" Loves SPAM

Christopher Gorham, the actor who plays the role of spiffy, by-the-book "Henry Grubstick" on ABC's emmmy-winning "Ugly Betty" has paid his indie dues. A couple of years ago while researching a few DIY films in preparation for Shiro's Head, I noticed a remarkably witty short on entitled "Spam-Ku" by writer/director Steven K. Tsuchida.

Years later, it wasn't until the prime-time TV novella featured the familiar face as a recurring character on the show. It was Gorham - getting the network love that only dues could afford. I later discovered that I've been familiar with his work, I just didn't know who he was ("Jake 2.0" and "The Other Side of Heaven" co-starring with Anne Hathaway) - once again proving my theory that you could be paying your dues in the business for years on end and all it takes is that one big break to boost you out of obscurity and viola - your years of paying dues are over.

Or you can speed up the process and create your own opportunities.