Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Don't Follow Your Dreams

My son said to me once, "Dad, do you follow your dreams?", to which I replied, "Of course I do." He then said, "Well you should chase them because if you just follow them, you'll never catch them."

What Would YOU Chase?
If you could do anything you wanted with your time, what would it be? What one thing are you so passionate about that it would keep you active, goal-oriented, happy and who knows - maybe even let you quit your job? I know - you're saying that it wouldn't be possible because of the money, bills and maybe kids that you're currently working for. But here's a crazy thought: what if you tried and were successful? What do you do best and enjoy most? You have only one life. Excuses, doubt and fear will always be part of it. It's up to you to let them get in the way.

Don't follow your dreams. Chase them.
Thanks little acid feet.