Thursday, February 14, 2008

Writers - Now What?

With the writer's strike over and a three year deal in place, the next obvious question is...what now? Well, first and foremost all the red carpet hounds can sigh in relief knowing that the Oscars will carry on in traditional fashion and everyone can get their glamour and glitz fix - for the moment anyway. But what about afterwards? What about the long haul? Which direction does this take the creative content that everyone has been making a big fuss about during the last 100 days?

New Media
With the strike emphasizing the importance of creative content in the realm of new media in the eyes of both the studios and the creators, it's no secret that we'll be seeing a flurry of new and innovative ways to distribute the content. The studios have the green light and the writers have consented and now we just wait and see.

Adios HD-DVD
With a self-proclaimed victory over the HD-DVD format, Blu-Ray looks to be taking itself a step further with the major studios as well, contributing the leap towards media-rich developments in the way creative content is distributed. There's one avenue.

With the AppleTV 2 release mentioned in the key note speech from Steve Jobs, iTunes will now rent movies as well as sell movies for purchase over the internet complete with previews, trailers and everything else that includes creative content regarding movies. With TV shows already on iTunes and the success of Apple TV now with the ability to stream in full HD, this takes viewing your favorite TV show or movie huge leaps forward into the distribution of creative content. Moreso than the regular YouTubers and average network online sites that stream their own tv shows.

So, buckle in everyone. The distribution of creative content is now a consented cash cow.