Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Writer's Strike - Not Over Yet

After four months of the WGA on active strike, headlines state that it's all nearing an end. Not exactly. Not yet anyway, according to the United Hollywood site. The amount of work needed to be done as far as agreement terms are concerned are far from over.

Consider the amount of power currently held by the WGA:

1. According to Medialifemagazine.com, advertiser's spent $9.3 billion in last year's network TV. That's $9.3 BILLION. If the networks can't deliver the amount of guaranteed viewership due to the strike, the networks need to either give the advertiser's their money back or giveaway free makeup spots to compensate the loss in revenue.

2. Award ceremonies. The writer's strike hold all the cards to keep the Oscars alive this year. Many have seen the impact of what can happen with the past Golden Globes. Many dollars are invested in the ceremonies - especially the Oscars. The Golden Globes cost Los Angeles alone over $80 MILLION in revenue loss.

3. Paradigm shift. Again, the longer the holdout, the easier it is for regular folks to find out how much they love online viewing and independent productions. From news, movies that find distribution, webisodes and more digital content from social media, the viewership online is one that hasn't found its true potential yet.

So I'm pretty sure that the WGA knows the strength it has in its people and in its fight. I think it's safe to say that unless they feel absolutely confident in an agreement to terms with the studios, that they'll continue to fight for the long haul. Read up on some of the agreement details at Variety