Thursday, October 25, 2007

Brandon Mayer's CD Release Party

Kel's Brandon Mayer Pick
Title: To Feel Love You've Got to Give Love (03:05)
Artist: Brandon Mayer
Album: Nothing Without Love

Last night was a great reminder of just how powerful the spirit of the independent artist can be. We were invited to the CD release party of up and coming artist Brandon Mayer. The album was produced by David Rosa who my brother Don occasionally writes for.

Birth of an Indie Project
Within the same time that Don and I were getting the idea of Shiro's Head from concept to preproduction, Brandon Mayer was just beginning work on his album. Over a year later, the now released CD entitled "Nothing Without Love" reveals the work from an artist who has taken an idea and believed in it enough to put in years of his life's passion.

In the same time, Shiro has gone from preproduction through production and is now in post production as an independent project. Thanks to Mayer's CD release, it's provided an uplifting feeling to actually see the fruition and completion of a work that was born along the same timeline.

Indie Sandwich, Please...

At the release party, the grass roots elements were present. His parents were there for support, his sister flew in from New York to sing a number with the band, the location was cool and the music was great. Call me cheesy, but I thought it was cool to be able to share in the moment of an independent artist unveiling and releasing the work that he believed in and by the looks of it, enjoyed making along the way.

Only if more DIY artists did that.

Be sure to check out his site to listen to an accomplished indie artist in action.