Friday, October 19, 2007

Why They Call It a "Release"

If you're working on a project - any project - music, movies, paintings as an will you know when you're done? When the divine spirits tell you that your movie is now complete? Or when you just get plain lazy and think your creation is "good enough"? Who's to say. I don't know...but if you're anything like me, you're probably your worst critic and won't be satisfied until your project is PERFECT.

With films as in most media production...especially if it's got some investors tied into it - whether it's a low budget mumblecore flick or a fully funded studio major motion picture, a production is never really done. The movie's production lifespan is usually determined by a number of factors - things like budget, time and executive decisions. I remember a professor of mine at film school mention the term "release" in regards to movie and album "release dates". At first, I thought it seemed obvious - that the latest album "release" or theatrical "release" was just a term for a methodically scheduled PR launch.

But what it REALLY meant was that whether or not the directors think the project is complete, the project will be released on time - not when the auteur says so. At some time, the work will have to be "released" - from the creator to the masses. The financial backers invest way too much dough to continue the project at the leisure of the "creators". Consequently, the movie MUST be RELEASED by its scheduled launch date or else there will be heck to pay.

The reason I bring this up is to demonstrate a point; and my point is this: learn to let go. For the sake of nothing else but your creativity and sanity. That's the beauty of DIY moviemaking. The rewards are so that we are in a position to go it our own pace and strengths. You can only do so much in a no-budget, DIY flick. Just do what's right for you and don't let your passion become a burden. Otherwise, it just won't be fun anymore. ;)

Today I was reminded about just that while watching the 3rd rough cut of Shiro's Head. I was also reminded that sooner or later (more sooner rather than later) it's going to be released. Am I satisfied with the work? I couldn't be more proud. Is it a perfect creation? Of course not...but it is what it is...a solid piece of DIY work from two Guam guys - and it looks like a million bucks.