Monday, October 22, 2007

Magic Touch

There it was on TV. And - I kid you not - a little over a mile away. Unfortunately, the fires are still blazing. Fire officials predict that the fire closest to us, dubbed the "Magic" fire, might combine with two other nearby fires to form one big one. Yikes. They also say that the Santa Ana winds will simmer by tomorrow afternoon which is an extreme relief. Not to make any hasty moves, we're still keeping our items prepared and ready to go since they haven't ordered a mandatory evacuation yet. This means that with our computers and drives packed, we'll be down two days worth of editing. Hardly a sacrifice, thankfully.

Making productive use of the downtime from editing Shiro's Head, I've decided to consolidate and archive all of the personal and professional media that I've collected over the years (photos, documents, software, etc.) onto DVD's and to reduce the clutter by centralizing all of my "important" things for any future events. So next time I'll be able to take a longer shower.