Wednesday, October 31, 2007

One Big Wheelie

The other day, I came across this YouTube video called "Wheelies 101". It features a local Guam guy doing wheelies on his motorcycle (and yes, unfortunately without a helmet).

The more Don and I began to compare filmmaking to motorcycle wheelies, the more we discovered how uncanny the two seemed so entwined (hey...we were stuck in traffic). And we amazed ourselves so much, that I decided to further my amusement and make a list:

Wheelies = Moviemaking

  1. If it goes right, people look on in amazement with congratulations abound. If it fails, you fall flat on your face and no one except friends and family would want to be seen near you.
  2. Both are temporary. You start one and try not to screw it up. When it's done, you do another one - only better this time. Repeat.
  3. Both are extremely risky, but the fun always outweighs the risk.
  4. If you succeed, you're labeled as "skilled" and "talented". If you don't, people just call you a "nut".
  5. Not too many people like watching the safe ones.
  6. Ask someone why they do it and you'll be lucky to get a straight answer.
  7. Just enjoy it and try not to think too much about it.