Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bear Grylls' Philosophy

As Don put it, most 23 year-olds were crashing hotel parties or trying to climb the corporate ladder while Bear Grylls was climbing Mt. Everest.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege of meeting Bear Grylls at a book signing and he said something that stuck. Something that was simple. Someone asked the usual question about having any advice for those of us in the room.

He took a breath and seconds later responded with his famous British accent: "No matter what it is you do, never, never, never give up." "Hmmmm...", I said to myself. "Sounds a little cliche Bear". Well, read on.

So Bear went on to compare instances of women who were stranded from a plane crash and were later rescued because they'd survived days in the woods vs. muscle-laden soldiers of the British Army who couldn't survive at least two days after being stranded. The reason? It all starts with not giving up. Because the women didn't give up, they had a stronger driving force that kept them alive one day longer - just enough to get back to their children. It was their stronger desire to live for their children that kept them going one day longer.

Bear stated that anyone is capable of anything if they want it bad enough. What it basically comes down to is "If you give up, you fail. Who wants it more? Who's willing to go the distance and put everything on the line?" Anyone faced with any obstacle can "survive" - and it all starts with not giving up.

That's advice I'm more than happy to take from someone who's not only doing what he loves to do for a living, but has accomplished more things in the last 10 years than most people even get to attempt in a lifetime. Cheerio!