Monday, January 14, 2008

Chopping Off the Red Carpet Fat

The strike has become more effective than most people initially thought it would be. No People's Choice Award ceremony. Talks of no Oscars ceremony. It already cost LA $80 Million in revenue loss.

And the absence of a Golden Globes ceremony last night wasn't half bad. The Golden Globes "news conference" was actually, well...good. Accommodating the modern lifestyle that has evolved into an expectation of instantaneous and on demand receipt, it was surprisingly fitting and refreshing to not have to sit through an entire one hour red carpet pre-ceremony followed by a three hour presentation and ending with a half-hour post-show wrap-up.

Just the Facts
Call it a "news conference", an awards "announcement" - call it what you will. But with the announcers delivering the winners of each category in an hour, the experience was fine. And you know what else? They talked only about the movies! Wow! What a concept!

From the Stands
After chopping off the red carpet fat and the entire presentation ceremony for that matter, this year's Golden Globes "News Announcement" was concise and to the point, forcing the industry back to some much needed basics. Most of the nominees kept it casual and did their own celebrating (or not). And as the domino effects of the strike continue (no red carpet = no fashion endorsements), the game will continue to change along with it.