Thursday, January 31, 2008

One Year of DIY Commitment

Happy Production Birthday
It's officially been a year since Shiro's Head went into its production phase. To some, a year may seem like an inflated amount of time needed to produce a no-budget movie, I know it was to me - at least initially. But then I think back on the journey and remind myself that this was a two-man, no-holds barred, do-it-yourself team. No budget, no special industry pull...just two guys with an idea and acting on it.

Just Do It
I'm reminded at how quickly Don and I began shooting on location and all of the uncertainties that we faced, not knowing if the production would actually materialize or fizzle. Not knowing if we'd find a cast, much less a committed one. But we took the chance - and it paid off.

Because of the production, we found the coolest, most talented and committed group that we could've ever asked for. We were so grateful! Even under the circumstances of a small, DIY project, these folks wanted to be a part of it and committed themselves every single day. Some would think that such a thing would be impossible on such a small project. But I'm glad to say that it's true. Tons of people lent a helping hand in the production one way or the other and the support is just mindblowing. Although Don and I put in a lot of hard work on the production of Shiro's Head, sometimes the stars were aligned and we just got lucky.

Land Hoooooo!
Fast forward a year later and the movie is chugging along. However, the 12 hour shoot days, the sugar-free "Rockstar" breaks and expensive phone cards have been replaced with 12 hour editing days, countless foley sessions and score. Since wrapping production and entering post production, Don and I have been at the helm everyday since; trying our best to move this vessel forward towards its destination.

We're almost there.

So to all the cast and those that have helped behind the scenes... Si Yu'us Ma'ase! The best is yet to come.