Monday, January 21, 2008

Guam Primetime Media

Guam makes its way into primetime twice in less than a month. In this episode of "Psych" which originally aired on the USA network last Friday, January 18th, Guam gets its second hit show coverage. The earlier was on ER. Here, Psych trumps ER since this has been the first time that I've heard not just 'Guam' mentioned on a show, but with it a mention of an actual village! And the best part? I don't know if was the fact that Shawn (James Roday) doesn't say it with a haole accent or that Gus (Dule Hill) was given the name Nik-Nak.

The writer for this episode, entitled "The Old and the Restless" is Anupam Nigam. She must've stayed on island at some point. Cheers!