Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Writer's Strike Brings New Media Opportunities

And The Oscar for Best Actress in a Comedy...Happy Slip!
On the surface it's obvious that the WGA strike has dictated a shift in network programming, but look a little deeper and you'll find that it's also:

1. given TV audiences the opportunity to look elsewhere towards alternative means of entertainment. Because of this, you'll find that:
2. online viewership will increase which will provide a need for:
3. more online production which will in turn give:
4. opportunities to more independent programming and show production which will lead to giving:
5. more undiscovered talent a shot because online - there are no binding online guild rules or regs, the production costs are significantly lower and the viewing along with the distribution is instantaneous.

Also in the meantime, mainstream movie studios and distributors will have to:
6. pick from and release movies that don't see the writing as a priority, which means that:
7. a slew of "less writing, more something else" productions will see the light of day giving way to a shift in what mainstream cinema will release - for a while at least.

With a momentum shift of the mainstream theater and television audience, the playing field becomes a bit more even as networks lose their grip on the control of prime time audiences, forcing the people to look elsewhere. In not coming to a quick resolve with the Writer's Guild of America, the powers that be are running the risk that the audiences might actually enjoy what they find.