Friday, January 11, 2008

The Magic of Independent Movies - Persepolis

What makes one want to go through what others see as the painstaking trouble, hassle, uncertainty and insecurity of not just moviemaking...but DIY indie moviemaking?

Easy. Magic.

The Magic You Get
The medium of moviemaking magically gives filmmakers a universally relatable means of expression. It gives them a voice that can be heard through storytelling and an audience to hear it. In addition, any film - regardless of its budget - is the most powerful tool that can be used to influence a very powerful resource: emotion. And no matter if you're a rock 'em, sock 'em, explosion and car chase kind of guy/gal - or - an emo, mumblecore kind of guy/gal, emotions rule you.

The Magic You Give
Do you remember when you first saw your favorite movie? Or the first time a movie made you cry, ponder or laugh hysterically out loud? What was it that drew so much emotion from you? Was it the story? The acting? The images? The score? How did it touch you from the screen and into your heart and mind? It had to be something?! Right?

It seems as if it magically does something to a person. It's usually a culmination of components in a production that affect people. Nonetheless, If you find that connection with a movie, it will grasp you and for the next 90 minutes won't let go.

Climbing Your Own Everest
Again, very powerful stuff, this moviemaking thing. I guess that's why with Shiro's Head, no matter how grueling it can be on a DIY level, I just have to keep at it. Day after day on a DIY, no-budget, non-paying, indie film - just pounding away at the movie that has become such a integral part of my life for the past year or so, I keep going because of the magic.

Here's another great example of why filmmakers do what they do and the magic they bring with them: Persepolis (on the site, be sure to click on "video" to watch the making of)