Friday, April 11, 2008

Camp Roxas Film Documentary

As much as I can, I make it a point to take my son to the Guam Art Gallery at UOG to renew our eyes through different exhibits. Last February we were fortunate enough to see the Camp Roxas documentary sizzle reel and photo exhibition. If you haven't yet heard about the Camp Roxas movie, check out this great article about the Guam documentary spearheaded by Bernadette Provido Schumann which includes talents like Chamorro director Alex Munoz.

This premise is not only interesting, but inspiring and has been able to gather a very positive light on what was almost a lost but very important time in Guam's history. A very big thumbs up to Bernadette and crew! Great job Burt! This film is one of the building blocks we need in preserving Guam's culture and history for ages to come.