Thursday, April 3, 2008

think BIG. STAY small. BE SMART.

In Europe, it seems that the practicality of transportation trumps the aspect of vanity. No 20" rims on a monstrous gas-guzzling SUV that never even leaves the concrete streets of Suburbia. No, their roads are small, narrow and old, which give Italian cities no choice but to be walking-friendly, full of men and women in suits either walking, riding bicycles or motor scooters to work or to the train stations. Yep, even in full-on makeup, fixed hair and jewelry, ladies will ride their bicycles through the cobblestone streets without regard.

Acting Smart
What I've found to be most impressive is that when they do take to the open road, their main choice of transport takes the form of a cool, little car called the 'Smart Car'. These economical little two-seaters with small trunks are gas mileage friendly and are more than capable enough to get you from point A to point Z and back. Plus, they serve a purpose - and it's not to feed the "I wanna fit in!" syndrome. They use their little cars for, wouldn't you believe it...transportation?

My point is this: People often do things that aren't smart, just because it's the trend. These people are usually the masses. You'll have a better chance at staying a step ahead by understanding the trend, thinking without a box and then going your own way.


photo by Kel Muna 2008