Monday, April 7, 2008

My Arnette Swingers

From my years in radio, advertising and film school to television news, me and Don's early days in business, wedding videography, commercial videography, filmmaking and the journey of making Shiro's Head, it's been with me forever. 9 years. It's been through six moves, my wedding, 6 trips to Guam and back, Japan, Italy - from San Francisco to Florida, good days and bad days, beach and snow, break ups and make ups, it's been there. I've relied on it without any thought.

Until one day at the airport, for five seconds I took my eyes off my backpack. In those five seconds,the heavy-ass backpack took a fall forward. It wasn't even a hard fall, it was one of those weird slow-falls. Nonetheless, I opened the front pouch to the backpack and there it was. Just when I was beginning to think that some things last forever...