Thursday, April 24, 2008

Leaving the Small Town

It doesn't matter if it's Annandale, Virginia or Lawton, Oklahoma or Yona, Guam or Bloomington, Indiana or Sandy, Utah or Farmersville, California. There are dreamers out there.

Like any dreamer, townies have always dreamt about leaving behind the small town for the big city in hopes of hitting the "big time". Maybe it's the glitz, maybe it's the money, maybe it's the need to prove something or to re-invent themselves in a new crowd.

It's only natural for us as people to want to grow. We need growth and stimulation in order to feel complete or content. It's always been the natural course for townies to want to leave behind the small, mundane life for something bigger and in their eyes, better.

Today, however, things are different. These days, the dreamers are slowly discovering that they don't have to leave to find it...they just have to know where to look.