Thursday, April 10, 2008

Layers. Like an Onion.

A week after coming home from my trip to Italy, I found myself back on the road (or sky) at LAX Intl. en route to Japan. While standing in the security check line, I can overhear a father conversing with his teenage daughter behind me.

...and we might end up going to Rome, too.
Rome?! But I heard it's too touristy. I heard there are like, way too many tourists there. We should try going somewhere else - somewhere where it's not so known.
Well, we'll see.
God, I'm starving. Do you see a Starbuck's?

Looking Beyond the Surface

Like Donkey said to Shrek, "You know, not everybody likes onions." And it's true. To each is their own. Not everyone will appreciate or understand the layers and depth of the art, stories and messages that are found not just in places like Rome or Guam, or even in movies like "No Country for Old Men", but everywhere in this matrix that we call life. There are some people that feel they shouldn't have to make an effort to enjoy something.

Top 40, commercial, mainstream, shallow, whatever. My point is this: Not everyone sees beyond the matrix that exists . And even though we're all capable, some simply don't want to.

photo by Kel Muna 2008